Artnews New Zealand Article - Winter Edition 2002

The project began in 2000 when Collis and fellow artist Jason Crane saw a "for lease" sign on the former calendar warehouse in Brown Street.

Opotiki News, July 31 2003

Opotiki College's year nine students enjoyed being shown the ins and outs of printmaking by local artist Angus Collis this week.

Opotiki News, April 5 2005

Rising artist finds inspiration at Waiotahi.

CityMax Magazine Article, April 2005

Take a closer look at the world around you by taking a look at the artwork of up-and-coming artist Angus Collis.

New Zealand Herald, 20 April 2005

Familiar landscapes and wild, mythical territory feature in a stylistically diverse range of painting shows.

Barcelona catalogue

Angus Collis depicts or constructs both exterior and interior spaces in which time seems to have stopped, far from the frenzy and masses of great cities.

At Orexart, Angus Collis, a New Zealander who lives and works in Spain, also uses soft brown colours and bitumen pigment to suggest memory as well as light and place.

La Vanguardia 2015 Exhibition with “Galeria Victor Saavedra”

New Zealand painter Angus Collis presents a suggestive set of landscapes in the Víctor Saavedra gallery.

Otago Daily Times, June 30 2016

The title of Angus Collis' exhibition at The Artist's Room, ''Find the Rabbit'', is not to be taken literally.

Otago Daily Times, June 8 2017

In this week's Art Seen, James Dignan looks at exhibitions by Seraphine Pick, Angus Collis, and Tanya Ashken.

National Radio Interview:

Lynn Freeman asked Angus about his first impressions of Spain when he moved there to be with his partner.

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